Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rain, rain go away

Hey y'all out there, nothing new to report in here. Pop is doing pretty well and the general consensus is that he looks better but that's probably because he hasn't had a full dose of chemo in about 5 weeks. He should be getting his newly adjusted (via the MUGA scan results) dose tomorrow. I guess there will be something worth reading then.

Other than the Great White Father, Nana is doing okay. She claims to be a 10 on the happiness scale of 1 to 10, but I know that's probably not completely honest. She can't do pretty much anything she wants to, even little things like going outside and puttering around in the yard/garden. She, probably like Pop, is going stir crazy from the combination of the bad weather and lack things to do.

She also says she wants to go to Rhode Island, but doesn't see much chance of it happening. I asked her about a day nurse or something, but she says he really doesn't need any help except for taking insulin. He can do most other things on his own (he even started using the cane again today yippee!). I also don't think she could allow herself to be away for that long, she'd worry too much. So in summation we're doing okay, not stellar, but at least not miserable.

Ahh well, like Nana says though, this too shall pass.


  1. I will stay with Pop so Nana can go to Rhode Island for a few days. I may not be able to go anyway, depending on the Paulster's surgery date....so...she has no excuse not to get her bags packed! I know my sister will make the same offer.

  2. yeah i know peg, i made the same offer too. I don't know if she's gonna bite though