Friday, June 26, 2009

Nana asked me not to blog ^_^

...because this morning both her and Pop managed to spill Pop's coffee, not once, but twice. The first time it happened, Nana brought the cup over to the table fresh out of the pot and placed it in front of Pop. Little did she know, Pop's thermometer was underneath the placemat and this caused the full cup to topple over. I haven't seen Pop move that fast in about 5 years. But at least Nana had an excuse. After Pop ate his yellow egg and buttered toast, he managed to spill his coffee yet again! He just knocked it over with his hand. When we were cleaning it up, again, he said something to Nana about spilling coffee everywhere, to which he responded, "Me?! I didn't spill any coffee! I wasn't even here!"

And who says living with two 80 year olds can't be hilarious?

In general health news, Pop did go to the hospital after he fell in the doctor's office. They gave him a unit of blood (or a gallon if you ask him) and sent him home that night. He actually didn't get any chemo because his blood turned bad again and he had low blood pressure. The bump on his head is doing quite nicely, you can't see much of it anymore its just a little bruise now.

The doctor at the hospital did suggest that Nana get Pop one of those motorized wheel chairs so falls like this wouldn't happen in the future. Nana wasn't too keen on this idea, and neither am I. If he gets into something like that he'll probably never walk again, and right now he's not doing bad overall, he uses his cane on some days. His first fall happened because he tripped over the rug, and if he has trouble in the doctor's office, they have wheel chairs he can use while he's there. As of right now I don't think he needs a hover round, or whatever they're called, but we'll see.

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  1. No hover crafts for Pop. No motorized wheelchairs either. Look what happened in Dumb and Dumber, you want Pop turning into a thief?