Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm not a total waste of space,

because I finally got a job. Yeah, its just a job at the local Spic n Span food market over in Southport, but its something for now. I can start paying off Nana for the food and shelter she's been giving me these past few weeks. So that's good news.

Nana and Pop went to Malefatto's again yesterday (the chemo doctor) and will be going there AGAIN tomorrow. I'm going to assume here that no news is good news, everything is stable. Pop still can't be exposed to any infections and he has to be extra careful not to bleed (even when brushing his teeth!). Otherwise, we're all plodding along here, the rain is still bringing us down. Some sun is trying to break through today, but its not having too much luck.

I would like to thank all of our visitors that came over this past Sunday: Maureen, Doug, Caroline, Peter, Amy, Meta, Peggy, Paul, and yes, even my deliquent friends that drank all of Pop's apple juice ^_^

Right now Pop is doing his crossword puzzle and just read through all your comments that I printed out for him....

Oh snap, Pop JUST got a package... its... wait for it.... flowers! .... from.... Joann! "Oh for cripes sake, that's nice." Good thing Tanya's here so she can arrange the flowers in the vase - Nana's thought not mine. It looks like two dozen or so miniature roses for Father's Day - how adorable. Thanks Joann!

In any case, Pop read through all your comments and thanks everyone for their thoughts and well wishes. He keeps saying how he should get on the computer, but hasn't made a motion for it yet. We'll get him there, eventually.


  1. Okay, so I will no longer be ordering anything from Spic and Span...the place is just going down the tubes...they will hire anyone nowadays. How depressing! Just kidding...congratulations on the job Megster. I will be down to see you wearing your hairnet real soon.

  2. Hey! I'm just a cashier! I won't be handling any of your precious foods and I won't have to wear a hairnet :-P