Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Its Wednesday again

...and Wednesday means a trip to the chemo doctor. Pop's blood is all out of whack and he got a new prescription for antibiotics (among others) because his white blood cell count is so low. With his condition right now any little cold would probably send him to the hospital. Nana said he's not in good shape, but he did gain a pound and his blood pressure was good. After Pop gets his new prescriptions, he has to go back to the doctor on Friday so they can check his blood again - let's hope everything evens out.

In non-medical news, the garage got slightly emptier today and the yard a little fuller. We filled the back of Terrific Tommy's truck with the old carpet, broken beach chairs, the old army tent, and old Omaha Steak containers. However, due to Pop's vehemont insistence, a whole mess of old antenna wires were dropped off. Pop insisted he needed them again so he could hook up his radios again. Here's hoping he'll be able to get to it.

I finally found the cord to upload pictures from my camera and I discovered this beauty from May 23rd-ish. Nana was spreading mulch and I was mowing, Pop felt he needed to contribute to the yardwork by adding "constructive criticism." Gotta love that guy.


  1. Great picture. I like how the photographer added the special effects. A dirty (or perhaps wet)lense always adds to a phot! Hahaha

  2. It's a phone camera! and its scratched... uh...I mean that effect was totally intentional!

  3. Love the writing-you do very well on this blog thing. Far better than I, where did you get that from?

  4. Everyone loves supervisor! The basket on the front is empty though! Needs some weeds, or empty cans or something :)