Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick Update

Not too much to report today. Yesterday morning Pop was complaining of a stomach ache (he claims it was the hot dog at the party on Sunday that did it) but after he and Nana got home from his CT scan he ate a whole sandwich. Apparently the stomach ache wasn't THAT bad. Right now Pop is still sleeping and will probably keep that up for the rest of the day. He lost weight again and it has Nana worried.

To top that off the fridge broke, again. Nana called the appliance place and found out that the repairman that came on Saturday still hadn't put in an order for the parts to fix it. I'm not sure how much longer we can hold out for with just a mini-fridge.

However, Sunday was a blast. We had all the family over for a joint graduation party for me, Mike, Laura, and Peter. Amidst sock ball and pool spoons (patented Politi games) I kept watch over Nana to make sure she wasn't doing any work. She was forbidden from doing anything for the party besides providing the place. The little sneak made some Scottish meat pies before I could stop her, but other than that she didn't have to clean up, set up, or make a thing. At one point she even complained to me that she "was bored because there was nothing for her to do!"
...why I oughta...

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