Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's been a while

I know I should have posted again sooner, but I've been busy around here. Even though it rained on Friday (much like it is today) Terrific Tommy came over and demolished the big red rug in the living room. He must have asked Nana about 100 times if she was SURE if she wanted to get rid of it. She said yes, no doubt about it, and admitted she has always hated that rug. Yep, it only took her like 20 years to admit she never liked the color of the rug. She only kept it because "Pop picked it out, and it never wore out!" Fair enough.

Pop took a nap directly after lunch and didn't here a thing. By the time he woke up Tom was gone, and the living room had been completely scrubbed and put back together. And we scrubbed it down good, no corner went unwashed, no baseboard un-scrubbed. I even vacuumed some of the dolls that had collected a noticeable amount of cobwebs.

When Pop got up from his slumber he seemed to really enjoy the newly discovered hardwood. He was "cruising around really fast" with his contraption and had a much easier time moving from room to room.

The rest of the weekend turned out to be pretty busy for me and Nan. We visited Doug's for Pete's birthday Friday night, Nana had a funeral Saturday and I went canoeing, and Sunday Nana went to Amy's and Meta's dance recital and I did some pool and beach cavorting. Pop seemed really happy that I had friends over to use the pool and told me, "have as many friends over as often as you can!"

Yesterday, Tanya and Pop's friend Bob Nevans came over to visit and Pop really perked up. On Sunday and Monday he went out in the driveway and did some "laps" up and down the driveway all on his own, without me or Nana asking/telling or helping him. He also told Nan he wanted to go to my Mom's house and get his antenna wires back so he could talk on the radio again. I think when visitors come over he really gets a boost, he talks like he's going to beat this thing and hang around for a lot longer (which is fantastic). I think just sitting in that chair all day tends to get him down, so if you're in the Fairfield area, please have no qualms about stopping by, Pop really loves (and needs) the visits. Even if it's just to pop in and say hello, he really appreciates all your love and support.

Right now the two old birds in the kitchen getting ready for breakfast and arguing over who put a band-aid on Pop. Neither one of them can remember, and the mystery continues. That's all for now, stay tuned for the next exciting installment of Life with the Politi's!


  1. Hello from Arizona. My wife and I would like to wish Vic a speedy recovery and will include him in our prayers. God Bless!!


    Paul K2LMQ & Sandy Beckwith

  2. Now I know where my poor memory comes from...my parents...it wasn't the drugs after all!