Thursday, March 11, 2010

How could I forget??

WE GOT A KITTEN! And yes, yes I know I sound like a 6 year old child, but its the first pet I've gotten to raise from a baby. My step-father's dog, Kiwi, was already old when we moved in with him; my parents' most recent dog, Gina, was also fully grown when we adopted her; and Kitty Cat is going on 21 years at Nana and Pop's house. But now, I finally have a little animal to truly call my own. Her name is Moots (pictured on the left) and we got her last Saturday. She looks remarkably like Kitty Cat, except her face is black. She is ten months and is probably about 4lbs.

She's as cute as a button and Kitty Cat (on the right) HATES her. The first day he saw her he hissed and spat and took a lunge at her. For now I keep her in my room until we can trust Kitty Cat not to attack her when we're not looking - they'll work it out eventually. I never realized how much spunk the old boy had in him. He ran after her faster than I've seen him move in years - mind you this is the cat that more or less heaves himself on the couch rather than jump. However, boys will be boys, I guess.

Speaking of boys... I don't think Pop has yet realized we have another cat. We've told him and I'm sure if anyone asks him he'll agree with them, but I'm not quite sure its really sunk in yet. Good ole Pop even went so far as to yank Nana's chain tonight by saying, "Cat what cat?!? We don't have any cats!!" He claimed afterward he didn't count Kitty Cat because he was more like a piece of furniture (that's how slow and sedentary this cat is!!). Haha, oh Pop. Well that's enough about cats for now. Until next time...

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