Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May 1st

I feel like I'm always making excuses for why I haven't written, but truth be told if I wrote down everything I felt like this would just be the most depressing blog out there. Living here has almost become like that movie Groundhog's Day, where day after day after day the same thing keeps happening. The latest scene to keep repeating itself is the great shower battle.

Every other day I'll wake up to Pop swearing downstairs, followed by Nana trying to convince him to take a shower. Every day Pop swears up and down that he takes a shower every day and doesn't need to take one now. He has showered probably once this past month. He refuses to let anyone cut his hair saying he does it himself and that it looks fine. It doesn't. It's a hot mess. But trying to reason with him about this is probably just as effective as reasoning with a brick wall - that swears.

It's strange that Pop no longer wants to bath because he used to be the most fastidious person in regards to cleanliness. He used to spend ours in the shower and doing his hair. Ask anyone in our family - his vanity is legendary. Now its a battle to get him to do the littlest hygienic chore.

But now on a completely different note, my writing was just now interrupted by a door to door salesman - or rather in this case saleswoman who sounded like she was 12. Up until I moved in with my grandparents I thought door to door salesmen were a thing of the past, but here a weekend doesn't go by where someone doesn't come to our door and push cable, lawn care, phone service, etc down our throats.

This little woman came up, told me what she was selling, I said no. She wouldn't leave. I closed and locked the door. She kept talking. I walked away. She didn't stop talking. She then proceded to leave a hanger on our door. I then proceded to open the door back up and rip it up in front of her. Now I understand we all have jobs at some point or another that we don't like doing and are solely to pay the bills, but when someone tells you no thank you - move on. Don't taunt the customer with, "Are you against saving money? Is that your reason??" Don't poke the bear.

A couple weekends ago, Nana and I are watching this 18 wheeler drive slowly down our street with the side of the truck wide open. We assumed it was a delivery truck that got lost, but we were surprised when a guy came to our door with a southern drawl as smooth as molasses hawking the furniture in the back of the truck! He and his partner were literally driving door to door selling the couches, tables, and whatever other goods they had out of the back of this giant trailer. It was bizarre to say the least - but at least he thanked us for our time and kept going when we expressed our disinterest.

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