Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Love this time of year

Everything's getting brighter, the days are warmer, and things are a bit more cheerful around here most days. Pop had a doctor's appointment last Monday or Tuesday, and he got really good news. That pesky dry skin rash seems to have disappeared and the doctor said he could stop taking the Benadryl, which was causing most of his drowsiness. Pop was feeling so good, he went for a walk - get ready for this - down the street! That's right, he walked down to the corner of S. Pine Creek and back, which is probably the furthest distance he's walked since he started feeling sick over a year ago.

In addition to removing the Benadryl from Pop's medications, the doctor also said Pop's blood work was perfect and he gained 11lbs. Pop is going back to the office in a few days to get yet another scan to see any concrete conclusion can be reached about the state of his cancer (all other tests thus far have come back inconclusive). All in all, its been pretty good news. It doesn't change anything around here - Pop still carts that damn walker around and still doesn't want to take up radioing again - but a little good news now and then is always nice to hear. Good news, good weather, really, who could ask for anything more.

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