Sunday, July 5, 2009


Yeah, so guess who's in a cranky mood today...

Pop has slammed the door twice in the past 5 minutes, once into the bathroom and once into his bedroom. It's quarter to one and he has to go to bed because he's "fucking tired and I don't fucking feel good!" Luckily, his resident whipping boy (aka Nana) has tougher skin than a full grown rhinoceros. He refuses to eat lunch because he had breakfast at about noon because he woke up so late. I bet he'll scarf down that delicious looking dessert Nana made this morning though...

Enough of the cranky news though, let's celebrate something a little more special. Uncle Paul got out the hospital yesterday! He can eat solid food and has no trouble... er... passing said food through his newly patched up insides. The sun is also out so the poor guy will probably spend his first free day soaking up the rays in the backyard. We all wish him a speedy recovery, and I hope he's ready for some body boarding in Rhode Island in August!

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  1. Uncle Paul is doing very well recovering from the latest surgery. I have become "Nancy Nurse" for the next week or so and have to jam 2 little pieces of packing material into the open wounds (for drainage reasons). For some strange reason, I actually enjoy this slight, daily infliction of pain. Hmmm...payback perhaps? Hahahaha