Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Found some interesting stuff

while sifting through Pop's clogged up email. I finally sorted everything out and now it's possible to tell when he gets new messages. My mission for tomorrow night is to respond to all your wonderful well-wishes that have gone unanswered. Thank you all for reading this and keeping Vic in your thoughts.

In addition to all that I found this little piece of Vic history, its a poem he wrote in January 2006 titled "Ode To 19 Set User"

Here I sit broken hearted
On the 19 set net that ORP started
All went well until round two
Because at dinner Dave had a few
Davy,Davy, how could you forget
The only Op with a 19 set
Outstations, which were just a few
Were just as bad as they missed it too
It must be the chirp on my old Mark II
That made all forget 83 year old NU

73 de W1NU


  1. Leave it to ol' W1, the closet poet! Thanks Meg....

  2. Don't know what it all means, but its "Popalishiously cute".