Monday, July 20, 2009

I've been busy

which explains why I have kinda dropped the ball with keeping up with these posts. Between work and all my chores I forget to keep up with, I haven't been on the computer often. However after talking with Nana, I now have another daily chore - keeping up with Pop's email. It is completely full of just about everything and Nana has neither the time nor the patience to sort though it all. This means that I should be on the computer regularly and posting more often.

Besides all that Pop seems to be holding in there. Nana reports that everything is stable. We haven't had problems with his blood pressure dropping since he started this new medication and getting a shot on Friday to improve his blood count.

He has increased the frequency of his swearing however. This morning Nana left to run some errands and I was getting ready for work. At some point I heard some banging and loud swearing from the kitchen.

Pop had gotten up and decided to make breakfast.

Before you read on, I know you are already giggling at this thought (I know I did writing it just now). So I walk into the kitchen and he's standing next to the sink with a loaf of Italian bread with THE LARGEST KNIFE IN THE KITCHEN hacking away at this loaf of bread with a stream of "SHIT" and "PISS & CORRUPTION" flowing from his mouth. I have to give him credit though, he managed to slice himself two hefty wedges of bread without actually slicing himself. After that I took over and toasted it for him and getting the rest of the breakfast accouterments, and things proceeded peacefully.

Later this afternoon, when I returned from work I was eating my lunch, and Nana was gone yet again! (This time to the pharmacy) While eating I heard Pop get up and go into his room and then the bathroom. Now I have no idea what he was doing, but he was swearing the ENTIRE time. It was like dinner and a show.

Well now I suppose that's sufficiently made up for my lack of presence lately. Until next time.


  1. You've only been there a couple of months, can you imagine what 21 years was like? Ah the good old days!

  2. Here's a little known fact: Pop starred in the movie "The Christmas Story". I know a lot of people claim the famous scene, where the dad swears at the furnace,is played by Darrin McGavin, but that's actually Pop as Darrin's stand-in. Hollywood was unable to find anyone who could so effortlessly keep up the non-stop stream of four letter words.