Friday, September 11, 2009

Shit, Piss, and Corruption

I swear to god, those are the only three words Pop remembers anymore. I came downstairs after my shower this morning to discover Pop making his own breakfast and swearing up a storm (at least there were no large knives involved this time). You would have thought Nana was secretly plotting to sabotage him with the amount of profanities he used when he had to get a napkin from THE OTHER END OF THE FUCKING TABLE! Not a happy camper.

Besides being grumpy and bored all the time, Pop hasn't made any changes health-wise. Although he keeps scratching his head and making a sore at the top of it, and I think he has some dry skin on his nose and ears. The reason I think this is because Nana and I caught him filing the tip of his nose and ears with an emory board the other day. When Nana said something to him he said, "Well, this is what its fucking for!!" "No, hun, its for your nails!" "No! No, its not! It's for getting this f..... well you get the idea.

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