Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday, Monday

And that pretty much means the same old, same old. Nana and I went shopping yesterday and got some nice towels and clothes respectively. Pop stayed home and talked with one of his old buddies. On Saturday, Nana and I took a trip to the miniature store, and when we left the house Pop was in his bed with the covers on. This of course is ridiculous considering how FREAKIN' hot and muggy the weather has been lately.

Besides his ludicrous cold-ness, Pop is doing okay. He has another doctors appointment tomorrow and is scheduled for another dose of chemo. Supposedly, he and Nana were told that he would receive six treatments of chemo. Tomorrow is that sixth treatment. So let's cross our fingers, kiss that rabbit's foot, get on our knees, and do whatever else it takes for a spot of good luck.

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