Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Anyone who has seen Pop in the last week has also seen the unsightly and disturbed rash that started on his hand, moved up under his eyes and now covers his entire body. Most noticeably his face, which is peeling intensely, is affected - along with his eyes, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Well now we know what to call it, erythroderma. Nana and Pop just got back from the dermatologist and he said the most likely cause of the rash is erythroderma. This is much worse than anyone expected - the general consensus (or guess, really) was that it was a side effect of one of his drugs, or withdrawal from a drug.

Erythroderma (also known as "Exfoliative dermatitis," "Dermatitis exfoliativa," and "Red man syndrome") is an inflammatory skin disease with erythema and scaling that affects nearly the entire cutaneous surface. Specifically, the doctor believes it is related to his cancer (or lymphomatous erythroderma), and took a biopsy to test - results of which will come back next week.

So I guess sometimes no news is good news...

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